Asher Blood is roleplayed by

Biographical Information
Full Name Asher Blood
Other Name(s)
Home The Realm of Light
Occupation(s) Guardian of Nature
Morality Good
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Powers and Abilities
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)


Asher Blood was a shy teenage boy with an intense love for nature. Helping animals and living in the wild was all he thought about. His parents never supported his love for animals because they were poachers. Asher decided at the age of 17 he couldn't bear living with horrid animal killers any longer. He ran away into the wild and made this job to protect every single animal in his realm. (The Realm of Light)

A Home For the Young Guardian:Edit

He was still alive when he ran away, but died trying to stop poachers from saving a family of tigers. When he awoke from his death a few hours later he found himself in The Realm of Light. He quickly learned the light was way too bright for his eyes and found a darker cave to live in. Sadly the darkness of the cave wasn't enough to shield him from the outside light. He discovered a little glowing butterfly named Navi and lives in the cave with his little flying friend.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

Asher was permanently blinded by the intense light of his new home so he has to use all of his senses. He found a braille spell book titled The Secrets of The Light. He is now a master of Light Realm Magic and will do anything and everything to protect his animal family.


Asher is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He's quite the gentlemen and charms everyone he meets. He loves nature and is still a bit shy. He finds his way around just fine and always talks to Navi When he gets a bit nervous. He's nervous in front of females because his way with words might not always be the best thing. He tries to kind of stay hidden but hides his shyness really well in a big crowd.

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