Burgess is the small hometown Jack Frost when he was human and as a winter spirit. When he was human, Jack lived in Burgess with his parents and his little sister. As a winter spirit Jack lives in the snowy forest by the frozen lake because it was his first memory as Jack Frost.

The town is also the home of Jamie Bennett, his little sister Sophie and his friends: Pippa, Cupcake, Monty and the twins, Claude and Caleb. They are also the children who helped the guardians in their final battle with Pitch Black.
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Burgess was a river town that was established in 1798, named after Thaddeus Burgess, who built the first log cabin there with his family before the bitter winter of 1795.

Pioneers and freight wagons following post roads to the southern mines crossed the river by at Nancy's ferry, and as a terminal for riverboats, the town played an important part in the development of west side grain farming and cattle raising.

Appearances in the movieEdit

The town is seen in the beginning of the movie right after Jack Frost is revived from the frozen lake and has his moment of wonder. Jack, on a high tree, spots the town and flies (tumbles, rather) towards it. He comes there only to find that he is invisible among the people and flees to the woods, confused and frightened.

The town of Burgess marks several events in the movie Rise of the Guardians. It is where Bunnymund and the Yetis kidnap Jack Frost to take him to the North Pole, and also where Jack encounters his first believer; a young boy by the name of Jamie Bennett. The town has served as the main battlefield of several fights between Pitch Black and the Guardians.


CGMeetup01:52 - The Making of Jack Frost

Rise of the Guardians- Mending the Staff01:18

Rise of the Guardians- Mending the Staff

Rise of the Guardians - Jack Arrives at the Pole-000:45

Rise of the Guardians - Jack Arrives at the Pole-0

Rise of the Guardians- Antartica-003:31

Rise of the Guardians- Antartica-0

Rise of the Guardians- Oath scene03:30

Rise of the Guardians- Oath scene

♥Jack Frost♥- Luℓℓaby03:43

♥Jack Frost♥- Luℓℓaby


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