• Red, Gold or Yellow, Blue
  • Brown and White or Silver fairies
  • Black Star Fairies
  • Green Star Fairies

Star Fairies are spirits from various constellations. They are a form of spirits that live around light. The female Star Fairies are known as Star Maidens and the males are Star Feys.

They mostly have silvery skin, but can have different skin tones, and their hair color is according to the colors of a star's temperature: Red, Yellow or Gold, and Blue. White star fairies exist, but they are very rare. Brown star fairies also exist, they are related to the Red star fairies. Green star fairies exists as well, but can be mistaken for Blue star fairies.

Star fairies have one major weakness: lead from the cores of planets, because it has never known any form of light and it could drain the light from the spirits and possibly kill them. They are unable to kill unless they a wield a blade made of lead and dark intentions that appear within their heart.

Here is all the characters that are currently or originally of these species, or have star fairy in their blood. These characters belong to User:Skyebreeze.

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