Biographical Information
Full Name Lawrence
Alias The Boss
Other Name(s) The Lycanthrope
Age 2034
Birthplace Europe
Home Europe Black Forest
Occupation(s) Werewolf Leader
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Lycanthrope
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Grey
Affiliation(s) Monster Squad
Minions Werewolf
Enemies Guardian Alliance


Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Regenerate


Weakness(es) Full Moon
Equipment Claw and Teeth
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Lawrence is an pure blood Lycanthrope. Member of the Monster Squad. Lawrence has been dominated the European Area for century. Leader of the Alpha wolf Gang. Archenemy of Red Riding Hood.


Lawrence appear to be a manly beastman in his 30. He like to wear grey in color. He seldom in his half transform state. Most of the time, he appear to be a giant 4 foot werewolf. He has a scar in his Chest.


Long Time Ago, Lawrence a natural born lycanthrope appear in one of the thousand year.He conquer all werewolf Tribe. His Gang only allow Alpha Werewolf to join. This lead to a European afraid of werewolf for century. The War between hunter and werewolf continue behind the history for ages. Parent will tell children not to go out at night or else werewolf will devour them.


As the influence of werewolf spread across the world, Lawrence become one of the member of the monster squad. One days, A Werewolf hunter, Red riding hood appear. She successfully hunted down Lawrence and leave a permanent scar on his chest. Ever Since, Lawrence is lock up in a secret dungeon.

During the chaos in the hunters Headquarters, Lawrence is release by Happy under Phantom request. At the same time, All the member of the monster squad around the world is release from the prison. All hunters branch is burned to the ground. Lawrence later try to killl Val and James but killing Lolli and Emily in the process.

Lawrence is now on the loose. The Revival of the monster squad is one step complete.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lawrence a lycanthrope, several times more powerful than an alpha Werewolf. He possess an cruel Leadership and Dictatorship Charisma.

Regeneration - Lawrence most powerful feature is his Regenerate ability. He can heal himself almost instantly after any wound he receive. Only second to Alucard.

Berserk - He is show to be in almost berserk state all the times. In his Grey Fur form, he has kill countless of hunter who went after him.

Full Moon Weaken - He seem to be powerless during full moon. The only day within one month that able to defeat him. His only weakness. This seem to be an arrangement made between The Red Riding hood with MIM.


Happy Edit

He seem to be unthankful even Happy release him from century prison.

Red Riding Hood Edit

A female hunter that he hate very much as she capture him and leave an permanent mark in his chest. Not even his regenerate ability can heal.


  • Ahhhhwoooooooooooo
  • I Am so Hungry.....

Creation ConceptEdit

Monster Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.



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