The Mist Palace is situated right in the heart of the Hidden Forest owned by Lupita.
  • The Palace
  • Evergreen Doorway

About this Palace Edit

This is no ordinary Palace made of stone. This Palace is made of a magical mist, which is only visible to the Guardians. The Palace is huge and has the appearance of stone. The Palace is hard and has all the properties of a stone castle. The outside of this Palace looks old, but the interior is very modern, complete with electrical appliances and other things from the modern world.

Places in the Palace Edit

There are hundreds of rooms in the Palace, but the most notable are:

  • Lupita's room
  • The throne room
  • The library
  • The garden
  • Kitchen
  • Guest Rooms (about 20 in all)

Trivia Edit

  • The Palace appeared the moment Lupita became a Guardian.
  • The Bathroom
  • Lupita's Bedroom
  • The Living Room
  • One of The Guest Rooms
  • The Kitchen
  • The Library

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