Neville Family House is the home of Vevina, Guardian of Truth.
  • Neville Family House
  • Vevina's bedroom
  • Joe and Maria's bedroom
  • Kenny's room


Joe and Maria Neville moved in this house from their original home in Ireland. Here, they lived with their two children, Kenny and Vevina and occasionally, their family friend, Tia. There are four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. Kenny and Vevina have lived in this house since their childhood.

Vevina's bedroom

Vevina's bedroom is consisted of a normal-sized bed, two bookshelves, a dresser, a small desk with a computer, and a mirror on the wall near her bed. Sometimes, Vevina would look in the mirror and sees different places like Fantasia Valley and maybe even the Guardians' places.


  • Joe and Maria Neville
  • Kenny Neville
  • Vevina Neville
  • Rusty (Family dog)
  • Tia (sometimes)


  • Joe, Maria, Kenny, and Vevina Neville
  • Rusty (Family dog)

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