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Phantom Knight is role played by Kitana Oasis Black.

 Phantom Knight is the Guardian of the Underworld. He owns a little pet Jack o Lantern that contains the soul of his little brother Shadow Knight. Shadow talks to Phantom through telepathy causing him to argue with himself a lot and be annoyed by sudden teasing that no one else can hear. Since the Jack o Lantern contains his little brothers soul it is one of the most important things in the world to him. He knows everyone in the world and the underworld it's his job as Guardian of the Underworld to know this stuff. He is a top rank sorcerer and an expert on magic. Don't let his crazy bickering fool you. He is not one to be trifled with.

He is also an old friend of Kitana Black's back when she was evil. They would fight side by side and she has saved his life many times. He's still evil but he feels he owes her favors for saving his life all those times so he leans a little towards the neutral side but is mostly evil.

Phantom doesn't like to share the story of how his little brother was killed but they were trying to save his father from a high ranked sorcerer known as Archer Grave. The rescue attempt failed and Archer killed his little brother and his father. Phantom has no contact with his father but he managed to become a top ranked sorcerer later on and find the soul of his little brother Shadow. He then transferred it into a Jack o Lantern that he now keeps in a cage.

Phantom and Shadow were born into a poor family which explains why he dresses in a ragged striped shirt with the sleeves a little too long for his arms. His mother died of an illness and the rest about his family is not to be learned by outsiders.

Phantom also liked to experiment on his own body which explains the stitches and scars all over him.

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