Welcome to the Rise of the Guardians Role Play Wiki

Everyone is a Guardian, you just have to believe in yourself.

Don't be afraid because we'll always be here. You may not see us, but we'll always be here for you, no matter what.

Here you can role play as your favorite Guardians, it can be a Guardian from the movie or a Guardian that you imagine. If you know what character you want to play or you don't know who you want to be, then look at the List of the Guardians page. But before you pick your character, you have to say it to the Admins.

To be a guardian, you have to have your own character's name, what powers he/she possess, what weapons he/she has, and what center he/she has. For more informations about what your character has to have, here are some examples: Valentina Love or Symphony Rose Celeste.

If you want to be a Guardian then look at List of the Guardians, but if someone already has that Guardian, you can tell Valentin girl, and I will place you as a second Guardian.

We have some Rules, so please do follow them.

New on the wiki!

Here are some new things on the Wiki, that you can look at:

  • Homes (Create your character's home land, it can be whatever you like it to be)
  • Shippings (Ship your character with someone you like)
  • The top 10 list (Vote for your favourite character)
  • Videos (See the videos that are added in this Wiki)
  • Chat (With other users and have fun)
  • Make (Make a role play and invite your friends for a cup of fun)
Characters of the Month

Laila is a Guardian of Unreturn Love. She is a part of the cupid race. She used to work at the Love Palace as a 'infamous nobody cupid henchman'. She is a member of the Guardian alliance. Her workplace is at the Tree of Pink Secret. She is role played by Jona19992.


Tumblr n1mbkuvypR1qggsavo1 500

Suzy is a human high school girl. She is a white witch and an amateur witchcraft. She lives in England. Friend with Abe no Hideaki. Member of the Black Shepherd. Guardian of Security. Role played by Jona19992.



Samhain is the legendary figure and holiday character of Halloween Day. He is the great pumpkin. He is the Counter Guardian who rules the Halloween festival. He comes out to scare children on every Halloween night. Old friend with Catrina. He is role played by Jona19992.



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