Biographical Information
Full Name Frankenstein
Alias Frankenstein Monster
Other Name(s)
Age 2341
Birthplace London
Home Abandon Laboratory
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race Cyborg
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Nil
Affiliation(s) Monster Squad
Minions Cyborg
Enemies Guardian alliance

Dread Doctor

Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Rocket

Inhuman strength Electric Shot

Weakness(es) Nuclear
Equipment Machine gun hand
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
Stein 92 is Enhanced Robot Creation. He is currently dominate America territory. Member of the Monster Squad. Archenemy of Madison. Leader of Cyborg Army. Frienemy with Dread Doctor.


Stein 92 appear to be a red cyborg enhanced through titanium material and reform with advance technology. He rarely speak and walk very slow as it knew no prey can escape him. His body is install full of weapon. This has grant him the title of Living weapon.


Stein 92 true identity is no doubt the Famous Frankenstein`s Monster. It is hunt down and on the verge of collapse. Dread Doctor found him again and does countless experiment on him again. It somehow escape again and this time, he download and learn to enhance his body by its own. Now his body is on the Upgrade Version 92.


Stein 92 experience many hardship. He is create by the one of the Dread doctor with a Corpse. He is laugh by children due to his strange appearance. As he grow older, they come to fear him. They hunt him down. As the verge of dying, he get capture by the Dread doctor and goes through inhuman experiment again.

As he escape from the lab, he took his data about himself from the dead doctor study. He slowly advance his knowledge to enhance his body. He kill off desire body part of other and combine with his own. As time pass, he has upgrade his body into a high tech cyborg. He has start create his own cyborg army and wanted to take revenge on children who laugh at him.

Madison successful defeated him long time ago and he somehow end up in Hunter American branch. However, he has enough capability to jail break out by himself. The prison is enable to hold him. He jail break from the prison without anyone help upon receive instruction from Phantom.

He is first seem break free from his prison and killing and blowing off the entire America hunter branch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Stein 92 as a enhance cyborg, He is ruthless and strong. His ability can easily outmatch human capability. This make him extreme danger.

Missile  - Stein has install multiple type of Missile into his own body. He never use it as he prefer kill its prey with its own hand.


Thermo Detect - He is show to be able to detect its prey using heat detection.

Electric Charges - He can absorb electric charges and replenish as its own energy. It can turn into voltage charges attack as well.

Nuclear- Dread Doctor Seem to install a nuclear reactor in his body. It make his body decompose rapidly. This is the reason why he keep enhance his body. Upon dying, it can become a self destruction device



As Madison detect his recent activeness, Madison is concern whether she be able to defeat him again.

Dread DoctorEdit


It appear that he hold certain grudge against the dread doctor. He wanted to meet his creator very much. They seem ti install something in his body and unable to get it out.


  • Eliminate the danger
  • You are not my target
  • Target detect

Creation ConceptEdit

Monster Created by Jona. All Copyright goes to its original designer. Please do give me comment.


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