("Listen to the sound of snowing for it is a wonderful music to behest on your ears." -Sylvia 

Sylvia is role-played by Jedha.

Sylvia Goldenguard
Biographical Information
Full Name
Alias The Ice Queen

The Lady of the Frost

The True One (Evil version)

Other Name(s) Alicia Schicksal
Age 20
Birthplace Top of Mount Everest
Occupation(s) Spirit of Joy (Spirit of Christmas Eve?)

Guardian of Despair

Morality Good | Evil
Gender Female
Race Spirit
Eye Color Glittiring Crimson
Hair Color Silver
Relative(s) None
Allies Malyver the Snow Weaver
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Ice Manipulation

Dark Ice Manipulation

Ice Creation


Weakness(es) Fire attacks
Equipment Two golden shields
Background Information
First Seen
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Biography Edit

Sylvia is born through the hopes and dreams of the people around in many cities and villages, and was born on the very top of Mount Everest. She is a young girl with silver hair that glitters like diamonds in the night and a heart of generosity for many living creatures in the world.

Sylvia is a 5'5 tall pale girl with silver hair, wears a golden tiara, a purple skirt dress that reveals her thighs, two boots with gold lining and two floating golden shields with blades inside of it. She can use her bucklers to amplify her magic and enhance her own capabilities with her powers.

She cared little for the wars of many around the little world and instead brings a soft cheering wind across the faces of children and the tiny speck of snow to signal children that winter is coming. She enjoy bringing snow to everyone (Especially in Christmas Eve) and sought out to protect the innocent people of the world with or without any help

Although all was not perfect, many people sought out to find the source of her powers and found it at the center of Mount Everest and abused it to freeze local villages and plunder hoards of the people's treasure. In a fit of anger, an ancient eldtrich power awoken from her very heart, the intruders were consumed by ice itself but it was no normal ice but an ice black as night and cold as space itself.

After the incident she vowed never to let anyone take control of her powers again, lest they want to be buried in ice for all eternity. Though she protects her own powers, she fears that one day it might overtake her and be controlled by her own power.

Spirit of Joy or an Entity of Despair? Edit

Along her daily routines of spreading joy and excitement across the world, she felt something that wasn't there before. As the world grew over the years, many sadness and despair grew as well. Out-growing love and joy, which in partake has been slowly taking over Sylvia's heart.

At her visit at the North Pole to nurture the humans inhabiting its icy plains, she felt a sharp painful strike within her very heart. At her core in the center of Mount Everest became black as night, the ice and snow around the mountain became black as well. The ice around her became black, a vengeful black blizzard appeared in the North Pole. Her appearance would change to that of an Ice Witch, her lower body would turn into pillar of ice, upper part of her head were covered by a bizzare headress, her hands turns into frozen ice claws and her skin turned blue, her lips turned as black as nignt.

She sought out to the human villages, not to give them joy but to give them a taste of fear and despair. She tore men, woman, and children limb from limb with her claws and her own ice. When the world has full of its joy and happiness again, she regained her original form. She was horrified at what she saw, a carnage full of corpses around her, she looked at her hands and shakes in fear. She quickly panicked, she called out for help but no one came. In an attempt to relinquish her fear and panic, she would transfer her memories to a small ice dragon named Malyver and locked it deep within his mind.

Since then she has forgotten about it and never turned into that "being" again, but time can wait long enough to deliver Sylvia to the darkness once again.

Gentlesnow Sanctuary Edit

Gentlesnow Sanctuary is a mystical grove inhabited by woodland critters made out of ice and snow, and stores the powers of Sylvia, a shining huge light that resembles the Northern Star.

Gentlesnow Sanctuary consits of several plants and trees that thrives in snowy places, inhabited by woodland animals made out of ice and snow and there are also armored bears made out of snow protecting the light that shine in the sanctuary

The Sanctuary is accessable to anyone who figures out where the right gateway is, there are several gateways scattered across the area of Mount Everest and all but one leads them to different places around Mount Everest. While the gateways outside functions as some sort of a puzzle game, the inner gateways consists of several rooms that leads to suitable living quarters and many more.

Rooms Edit

Snow Dragonflight Nest - The living quarters of Malyver, The Snow Weaver. It contains several books, a fancy chair, a small dining area and his own bed which consists entirely of snow.

Queen's Return - The living quarters of Sylvia Goldenguard, it consits of a master bed made out of snow, a closet where she keeps most of her stuff, a large mirror with a desk on it and a balcony that reveals where the sun would rise and the layout of the land. All of them completely made out of ice, except for the mirror.

The Librarium - A royal library which consits of hundreds of books, all are categorized from A-Z. It contains hundreds of bookshelves for the books, a large table with several fancy chairs, and a map of the world which all furniture are completely made out of ice.

Note: These rooms are on another mountain that's close to Mount Everest.

Afiiliation Edit

Crystal Aurora Overland - She has encountered her while patrolling the icy regions of the north near her home. She's now friends with her and is welcome to her home.

Salem - She is quite curious of him due to his unique nature, though her other part seems to dislike the little brat and would enjoy killing him for entering her mind.

Diamond - "A cute oversized puppy that wants to play all day but a little bit shy or confused on strangers"

- Sylvia's Perspective


Ice ManipulationEdit

She can control and create Ice out of her own arcane energy or out of water, she would mainly attack with many projectiles and also use her ice to freeze and entomb people to heal herself or to capture enemies.

Dark Ice ManipulationEdit

A more powerful version of a normal ice, its hardness is 3x times stronger than the average ice. Able to withstand its rival's flame and can blind someone temporarily using its snow.

Ice Creation Edit

She can create beings purely made out of her own magic, ice. She used her magic to create Malyver, the Snow Weaver and several enchanted gateways that leads toward her very core at the center of Mount Everest.

Telekinesis Edit

She has a low psychic power that allows her to levitate her golden shields. She can also use her telekinesis to lift up small objects ranging from her shields to a pencil or a set of keys.

Weather Manipulation Edit

Sylvia can turn the weather in a calming winter or a ravenous and vengeful blizzard. All snow that was summoned by Sylvia will turn to black when she has deep negative emotions.

Transformation Edit

Sylvia would be forcefully turn into The Ice Witch or The True One, "she" would be able to appear if the world is entombed in hopelessness, despair, agony, anger, and sadness.

Gateway Creation Edit

Sylvia can create several gateways that can lead towards different parts of her her home: Mount Everest and its surroundings.

Note:Dark Ice Manipulation can only be triggered if she has negative emotions

Trivia Edit

Her birthday is December 23, right before Christmas day.

She is fond of animals, especially rabbits.

She has a dragon made entirely out of ice called Malyver.

Sylvia was born through the hopes and dreams of humans (Mainly children)

Sylvia and Malyver cannot be easily seen by humans.

Malyver figured Sylvia might have the capability to create "True Ice" though he speculated that it was rather impossible for her to achieve it.

Sometimes, If someone made contact with her physically, they would see a small glimpse when Sylvia was still an Ice Witch though they can only see it once.

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