Hi, my name is Rachael-Lyn Anderson but I like to go by Shadow and I am the Guardian of Belonging and Guardian of Uniqueness.  I have the power of flight, invisibility,healing, teleportation, sand like Sandy but can change different colours to help those belong, shadow blending(what Pitch does, he blends into shadow.) and ice and snow like Jack. Also I did not die to become a Guardian. I look like my profile pic.

When I was 12, I broke a law against the police which was really bad and I'm now turning 14, heading into Year 9 and still can't forgive myself. I live with my step parents who found me when i was a baby, I don't really know my real parents, I asked Manny a million times but no answers. I am 314 but in teenager years I will be 14.

I'm kind of a Guardian, I still need to find my center ( which is Belonging and Uniqueness.)

That's all from now


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