TristaXAnzan (Trizan) is a couple with the two characters Trista Zilla and Anzan.
Anzan and Trista

Trista holding hands with Anzan.

Meeting to Present

The two of them met while Anzan was living in the Opera House and Trista was working as a cleaning lady, later as a singer. Anzan was drawn to Trista the moment he saw her and wanted to meet her. Trista was curious about Anzan when she saw a figure in the rafters, watching her. After they had their first conversation, the two of them realized how much they had in common and began dating and becoming a couple.

The two of them remained close and became an official couple. Anzan and Trista created chaos within the Opera House for their own amusement.

Eventually, after 50 years of knowing each other and with Trista overcoming her fear of commitment, Anzan proposed to her at the end of a performance and are now making plans to get married soon in the Fall of next year.

Business Partners

Anzan would normally run the Opera House most of the time, however, he would close the Opera House for maintenance/repairs and run a night club. Anzan and Trista would run an night club called the House of Constellation Lyra with his twin sister, Belle, and some other people.


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