Hi, I'm BartoszC, but you can call me Barto. I've been role-playing since 2009 on games like Club Penguin, ROBLOX, and Minecraft, but now I want to Role-Play here on Wikia. So I've created a wiki called "The Role-Playing Community (Wiki)" , TRPC for short. ValentinGirl wanted to help me and I am asking you to help me ith this wiki. First of all, the wiki was created yesterday and it has five pages. I already have one Bureaucrat, besides me, and ValetinGirl, whom I will make an Administrator. What's different from all the other role-playing wikis is that this wiki, is for not one, but millions and millions of role-plays. So, I ask you to help as much as you can, and we will make a thriving wiki! Also, please read the rules first, and if you want to be part of the Administration, please read the Administration Applications page. I would be happy to help out with your edits to my wiki, please consider helping me!

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