(Hello, thought I'd post this while the story is revealed in "Sands of Time". I'll keep posting parts to it as it is revealed)

It was late at night in the underground cave lair. Serpentine walked through the largest cave which was often used for battle training. It had stalactites hanging down from the ceiling and large stones all around the cave, some stacked almost to the ceiling. This is where Venom, Viper, and Fang often practiced, and where they also trained Serpentine's disappointment of a son, Salem.

It had been gen years tonight since Serpentine had successfully imprisoned her older sister, Scorpia, in a desert tomb. At least that got her out of the way. There was just one thing Serpentine still worried about.

She walked through the cave when she heard some pebbles hit the ground in front of her. She looked up at the small opening near the top of the cave. She could've sworn she saw a shadow of some sort. She continued walking when she heard the scrape of claws on the stones leading to the opening.

A deep voice suddenly broke the silence. "About time I found you." Serpentine stopped and looked up to see the giant, shadowy figure perched on a stalagmite, his silver eyes glowing in the dark. The moonlight that broke through the opening seemed to make his scales and the shiny silver jewelry shimmer.

"Darkstalker" Serpentine said with a smirk. "It took you ten years to realize your precious ally was gone?" The dragon rolled his eyes. "For your information, I have spent these ten years searching the world and the underworld for her." He bared his razor sharp fangs as he climbed down he stalagmite. "And I knew you were behind it."

"Then why did it take you so long? I would've loved to defeat you a long time ago." Serpentine said smugly. Darkstalker roared. "Shut up! You will tell me where Lady Scorpia is or I will gladly tear you to shreds!" "But then you'll never find out where she is." Serpentine argued. "And what makes you think you could defeat me anyway? I did defeat the one that saved you from getting trapped in the underworld for eternity."

He glared at her, but smirked. "Okay. Let's do this. One on one. See if you are as powerful alone as you think you are." Serpentine smiled as vector arrows snaked around her. "Make your move, dragon."

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