Timothy was sitting on a hill in the relatively warm weather Northern California.  While staring upwards at the clouds, he watched as the clouds darkened, grew, and twisted one way and another.  Soon, the sky was covered with cumulonimbus, and lightning cut the sky.  Soon Timothy started to feel his hair stand on end, and he quickly moved out of the way as a bolt of lightning shot from the sky.  Thrown back by the strike's impact, Timothy was suddenly choked as a tall man in shades lifted Timothy up by the collar of his hoodie.
"Timothy, what a pleasant surprise to be seeing you here.  How about we go on a...trip?"  Said the man as his leather jacket began to flap in the wind.  "Haven't you always wanted an inside look at a thunderstorm."  He smiled cruelly.
"Now Timothy, let us head on ou-GAH...this stupid...bug"  The man picked Hades of his wrist and tossed him into the wind.  However, Timothy was already free and had begun playing a tune.
"Bandit of the high seas.  Captain of fear and pillager of riches.  Of fearsome reputation and terrible history.  Serve me Edward Teach; Blackbeard"
As Timothy finished his song, and sat down to recover his energy he told Blackbeard his orders.
"Blackbeard, my friend, please, help me take down this wayward bolt, Thunderhead."
A man with a large black beard, and a long cutlass, turned toward his enemy, and equally ominous tall and blind being of pure lightning. be continued?

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