Note: If any of you people notice any similarities between you or characters, just know that I intended NOT to do so. I have written the first few chapters a few years ago, so they probably won't be as good as my later chapters you guys may see. I don't mind any criticism as long as there is no cussing.

Also, you don't really like people dying, and that that dead person is keep on being brought up over and over again, then I advise you that you probably ought to pick a different story to read. 

Depending on how this chapter goes, I will either continue uploading more chapters, or I'll just leave this idea at the curb for the Truck of Broken and Miserable Dreams to pick up.

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 Adventure Time!

It was another boring old day for Princess Ayleth, daughter of King Leo Pendragon of Malsafa. From dawn to lunch, learn how to sing, dance, and play music. Lunch to afternoon, sew, and learn what to wear to everything. Afternoon to dusk, go over everything she had learned, and do it again the next day. 

She hated this routine. Do the same thing over and over again. Not to mention, she'll be fifteen when Fall is up. She couldn't take it anymore. She knew her father had started to make arrangements for he to get married. She didn't want to settle down and get married! She wanted to find adventure, and find true love.

Ha! True love,” her grandmother would exclaim when she was younger,“True love is for fools. You marry for power, riches, and glory! You marry for the kingdom, and to please men.” “That's sounds so dumb.” she had said. “I don't want any of that. I want adventure, and learn to ride horses and ” “That's enough! That is only for boys. Only boys can run, jump, and play. Girls learn to sew, dance, and sing.” Ayleth could remember she would always run to her mother after that. 

She would tell her that Grandmother was telling how to live her life, and what she can and can't do. Luckily, that routine had ended seven years ago, when Grandmother passed away. Of course Ayleth was sad, but she was happy she didn't have to listen to her grandmother anymore. But alas, since grandmother was no longer there to tell her what to do, her tutor had to.

Hurry up Lamia!” Ayleth said as she tapped her foot impatiently as her personal maid servant fitted her into her plain blue gown. “I'm going as fast as I can Princess Ayleth.” she said with a smile. “Please hurry,” Ayleth pleaded as Lamia was pulling the wrinkles out of the dress. “I would really like to get going as fast as I can, and please don't call me Princess, it sounds so formal.” “Yes'm, I'll remember that.” Lamia said with a smirk. Ayleth knew she only called her that because she knew something was going on, and naturally, Ayleth wanted to be there.

There we go,” Lamia said as she pulled out Ayleth's brunette hair from her dress, “all ready to go and pick up some herbs and things for Miss Amelia's mother in the market.” Ayleth turned to the body lengthened mirror beside her white colored drapes. “Yes, I guess I do look ready. Can you believe Amelia is really letting this happen? Especially with no guards to escort us?” 

She thought about last night, when Amelia had said classes would be canceled that day because her mother was ill and needed a few things from the market. Ayleth had managed to convenience her tutor to take her along.

It would be a good experience for me to deal with my medicine lessons, and to get familiar with the people who I will rule over one day.” Ayleth had said to her tutor. Amelia had thought about this through out the night, and finally, that morning, she had said she could come. But with guards, we can't have the future queen getting assassinated before her time has come.” Amelia had said. Fortunately, Ayleth had a plan.

Of course Miss Amelia, but if we had guards, what if they scared your mom to death? I knowthe guards can look pretty scary, even in the daytime. And what about the people? What if they acted differentially, knowing that we were from the palace? I think with you and I knowing what really goes on in the market place, without guards, would be a great advantage for me making good decisions for my kingdom in the future.” Naturally, her tutor was suspicious. 

I'm very well assured that I know perfectly well what actually goes on in the market.” Amelia paused, “Not only that, but when have you been so concerned about the kingdom? I can hardly get you interested in marriage!” Marriage! Ayleth had thought, Pooh! She managed to keep a straight face though.

Well, maybe things have changed. Maybe I have accepted on getting married. Maybe I'm ready for that. Maybe I'm ready to help my husband rule over all of Malsafa!” “Alright, I suppose you're right,” her tutor looked knowingly at Ayleth, “as long as I can get you to keep quiet, I'll agree to your terms. Speaking of which, I guess plain and simple clothes are in order?” Ayleth's eye's had widened in excitement. She couldn't believe her luck. “If you think it's alright, then I think it's alright.” Amelia smiled. “I'll see what I can do, let me talk to your father.”

As Ayleth was remembering all of this, she heard Lamia say, “No Ayleth, I can't believe you're actually going down into the market place with no guards, and dressed plainly. I'm very happy for you. And,” she looked at Ayleth, who's cheeks reddened a little, since she knew what Lamia was going to say. “You might even find your true love.” “Hush Lamia!” she whispered, “Father might hear, and get quite angry.” 

Her maid servant giggled. Ayleth studied the blond, slender, brown eyed, and darker skinned girl before her. Being that she's just over nineteen, and a couple of heads taller than her, she always seemed to be going on about love. Lamia always worried that she was too tall, or too blond. Ayleth wondered if she would ever find love.

Lamia, if you ever need help with, you know, with uh,” she paused, “well, I guess, love, just know that I'm here for you.” Lamia's smile suddenly turned into a frown. “Of course I know that. I also know I can tell you anything.” she looked at Ayleth and said, “I just hope you feel the same for me.” “Of course I do!” Ayleth said as she turned to hug her friend. I ” There was a knock on the door. 

Princess Ayleth? Miss Amelia is ready to go to the market.” said a servant. Ayleth nodded. “Alright, tell her I'll be right there,” She turned to Lamia. “Well, I'm off! Time for a little adventure!” What she didn't know though, was that her wish for adventure was a little more then what she bargained for.

Ayleth! There you are!” Amelia said when she saw her student walking out of the castle. “Ready to see new sights, smell new things, and experience interesting things at the market?” “Most definitely yes!” Ayleth exclaimed. She turned to the sentinels, “Phillip, Henry! Please open the gates!” “Yes Princess,” Phillip smiled as he gave the signal to open the great, big, iron gates. 

They squealed and made a rustic sound as they opened. Ayleth wondered when the last time the gates were opened. She took a fresh breath of air before she stepped on the other side. Amelia strode past her. “Come now! We haven't got all day.” Ayleth smiled as she bounded after her tutor.

Another note: Ok. I know that this chapter is probably one of the dumbest things you've probably ever read; for that, I apologise deeply. If anybody has any suggestions of any sort, please let me know. 

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