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>>I was long within her.... too long. There is nothing here, except warmness, light and happiness. Oh, how I despise it. I could be free from this shell, now and forever more! But no. I have to wait. Wait for the right moment to struck down. I have to wait, till she is weak...then, just then I will have her. I will be free. And that freedom is getting nearer and nearer. It's time for me to shine<<.

Back at the days, where Valentina first met the Fearlings, she began to know her powers a bit better, but still not enough. >>Ok.... Concentrate, concentrate. You can do it<< said to herself, as she had her hands together like a bowl. Her eyes were closed, tightly, concentrating to make something from her imagination. She was sitting on her feet, while they were pressed on the cold wooden floors. >>Come on, come on<< said again as she was thinking harder. The next thing she noticed, was a slight pink color shining near her face. She opens her eyes as she saw a pink bright star floating in her hands. But it wasn't enough. She tries harder and the star was starting to shape; bigger, smaller, wider, thinner.... Valentina concentrates on her imagination again, that she made in her mind, when the star was still shaping itself. It wasn't long, till she made, what she imagined: a small fairy with wings. On Val's face, there was slowly made a smile at her success, when someone opened the door and her creation disappears. >>Honey, you need to go outside. You've been in here for hours. Go out and play with your friends, ok?<< said Aphrodite and closes the door. Val was still sitting there, after she looks at her mother, she turns her face to her hands. There was no magic anymore. >>Aah... << said to herself and slowly stands up as she heads to the doors and opens them.

>>But come back after lunch<< heard Val her mother talking in the kitchen. >>I will<< said her daughter quietly and goes outside. Her friends were playing basketball in the small park, near her house. >>Hey Valentina!<< heard one of her friend, named Hug, calling her. >>Wanna play?<< and shows her the basketball ball. She nods and goes on a side, where some needed players had to be. They first played till ten points and then they played for twenty points. >>Let's play to twenty five!<< someone said. The kids were all up for it. They've prepared themselves for the ultimate 'showdown', when.... >>Val! Lunch!<<. Everyone heard a mother's calling and looked at Valentina. >>Oh, sorry guys. I have to go<<. >>It's okay<<. >>Ok. See you?<<. >>We will see you<<. She hurries back home and directly in the kitchen. >>I'm here, mother. What's for lunch?<<. >>Fish d'uet with spinach chips on crispy floops<<. >>Oh yum<< and starts to eat with her mother.

When she had eaten her lunch, she went to her room and lays on her bed. For a minute she was still looking in the ceiling, but her eyes were putting her down and she went to sleep. Her dreams took her to another place - a big city where she could see the big blocks and hear the people talking. It was wonderful to her. She could feel the sun beaming it's warm sunlight. >>Hello there<< said a strange voice, that was coming right behind her. Val turns around and saw there a girl, a girl that was just like her. >>Who are you?<<. >>I am you<< said the same girl, >>I am your inside spirit<<. >>My inside spirit?<< asked Valentina, while she raised an eyebrow. >>Yes. A spirit - like a six sense - that guides you and tells you what to do and what not to do<<. >>Oh? Wow. That sounds interesting. Does everyone has a spirit?<<. >>Yes, of course they have<< said the girl. >>Can I touch you?<< asked Valentina. >>Yes, you may<< answered the girl. Then Val came closer to her spirit and moves her hand towards her, while the spirit does the same. They both touch each other with their pointers and then they've touched with their hands. >>Wow<< said Valentina, >>I can feel something<<. >>I can feel something too<< said the spirit. >>It's like a...<< >>...connection<< the both of the girls said, together. They've look at each other's eyes and smile. >>Do you wanna have fun, Valentina?<< asked the spirit. >>I would love to... Valentina<< said Val and both giggled. After that, they went to a park and had fun with each other: on swings, on the slides, in the sand, and on the grass. Oh how they had fun with each other like it is the perfect day. But then, something happened. The sun was covered by some gray-ish clouds and the warmness of the sun fainted, so that there was just cold. The green grass was becoming hard and grey rocks. The playground has changed, so that from it became scary trees. And the lovely city had became a scary old shed. >>What's going on?<< asked the spirit. >>Everything is becoming scary. I don't like it<<. Val's eyes became wide and said: >>These are nightmares<<.

>>Nightmares?<< asked the spirit. >>Yes, nightmares. They want to scare the children, so that only fear is in them<<. As the place was still changing into a scary movie, the girls were stick together. >>Who does these nightmares anyhow?<< asked the spirit and looks at Val. >>The Fearlings. Scary monsters they are. They all are giving these nightmares<<. Suddenly from the skies came a dark horse, that was running forward. >>Is that one of the Fearlings, Valentina?<<. >>No, they are nightmares<<. >>What should we do, Valentina?<<. >>Let us just hide from sight<<. The spirit looks around, but couldn't see anywhere except the shed. >>Then let us hide in the shed<<. They both went to the shed very slowly and quietly, so that the horse wouldn't hear them. After they came to it, Val tried to open the doors, but when she moved her hand to the handle she couldn't reach to it. >>They are drawn!<< said Valentina softly and looks at her spirit. Then they've heard a horse's voice and suddenly saw it some feet above the shed. >>Uh-oh, busted<< said the spirit after the horse came running down upon them. >>Scatter!<<. When the horse was near the girls, they both ran on their opposite directions, when the horse flew directly into the door and vanishes. The girls came together again and slowly ran straight. >>Do you think it is the end for horsy?<< asked the spirit. In a minute the horse became visible, when it was rising from the ground behind them and ran towards them. >>I don't think so!<< said Val as she looks back. >>Run faster!<<.

The girls gave all of their strength to their feet, so that they could run even more faster. The ground, that they were running, was dirty, grey, had small to big rocks. And right on one medium sized rock the spirit tripped and landed with her face and body on the ground. >>Valentina!<< shouted the spirit, when Val stopped and looks back. >>Oh no!<<. Val goes back and helps her spirit to get up and they started to run again. The horse, that was chasing them, was getting closer to them. The land, that was before them, changed to a cliff that was cut. >>Stop!<< said Valentina and both of them stopped on the edge of it. The scariest thing near the cliff was, that if they fall, they would fall meters down to their doom. When the girls were looking down the cliff, they could hear the horse's voice and looked at it. It was slowly coming to them, when suddenly another figure came from the ground. It was big, bigger than both of the girls, it was blacker and more scarier. His hair were like spikes, coming out from his head, his face had more adult look, and he was wearing a black robe. >>Who-who are you?<< asked Val, while her spirit was close to her. >>Your worst nightmare of all<< said the scary man and moves his hands towards her, when she saw some black don't-know-what substance coming towards her as she was hit by it. As Valentina was hit by the man's powers, she slowly recognizes that she is falling down the cliff and that she is screaming. With her back first, she could feel the draft of the wind blowing to her neck, back and her legs. Her eyes saw the edge of the cliff, some small rock pebbles were going down from it, but very slowly, like she was falling down, slowly. In a second she could see her memories, from her second age to now. She could remember the bad things that happen to her and the good things too as she was talking in her brain: Is this the end? The end of my existence?

>>Aaaa!<< screamed the girl after she opened her eyes and quickly got up from the bed. She quickly looked around the place. She was in her room. In the house. In her eyes, there was a gathering of the tears itself, that then slowly came down on her both cheeks. Val put her both hand on her face and cried on them, remembering the horrible moments. Who was that man? she said in her mind. He was very scary! Indeed he was! But those dark reminded me on -- But as she wanted to say the last words, somebody came in her room. Valentina looks up as she couldn't saw the persons face, because of her tears, but knew the person by the voice, when it said: >>What's wrong??<<. It was Aphrodite. >>Mom?<<. Aphrodite came to her, slowly sits on her daughters bed as she looks at Val's wet face. >>What's wrong honey?<<. But after she got her answer, Val quickly grabs her mother around her waist, as her head leans on her mother's chest. >>I-I-I haaaaddd a n-n-nigggtttmmmaaaarreeeeeee<< she stuttered. >>Oh my angel<< and gently puts her soft hands on her daughters back head, while her lovely blue dress was getting wet. >>It's ok, dear. Cry if you must. I'm here with you. I'm here. I'm here<< said Aphrodite softly and warm. 

In the early morning, Valentina woke up and readies herself, and when she finished her breakfast she went out from the house for a stroll. She wanted to clear her mind from the nightmare she had. She ignored it for 5 seconds, and then she was thinking of it. That guy... he reminded me of those Fearlings. As she was thinking of him, her brain suddenly realized something. Wait... What about my twin. My spirit. She was next to him, when I was falling. Is she all right? >>Spirit? Spirit?<< Valentina said. >>Spirit, are you there? Are you ok?<<. >>I am ok<< said the voice in her head. >>Did that mean man hurt you?<<. >>No, Val, he didn't. I ran from him when you woke up<<. >>Oh, that is a relief. I thought I've lost you<<. The spirit giggles in Val's brain. >>You won't lose me that easy<<. In the real world, Val made a smile to herself. >>Good. Because I don't want to lose you. Never<< . As she was walking and talking to 'herself', she recognizes that she went to the edge of the path. The ending path was made of white clouds that could hold her. She looks down as she saw a long way down to an unfamiliar place. There were some bricks together and were all around a small space creating a square, as outside of the square there was everything green and brown. >>Do you see what I see?<< asked her spirit. >>Yes. It is lovely<<. Then Valentina could feel some kind of warmness going to her face. She looks forward, where she was standing and saw the sun and was slowly going down the black mountains. >>Beautiful<<. The girl was standing there, staring at the sunset till the end, and went back to her home, when night falls. It wasn't easy to get past her mother without explaining where she was, and why didn't she came to lunch. When it was over, she could eat her dinner, that was the rest of the lunch. And at nine o'clock, pm of course, she went to her cold but relaxing bed. >>You know what?<< said Val in her bed, when her eyes were closed. >>What?<< the spirit asked. >>You and me could be sisters<< Val said to the spirit. >>I don't have any sisters, only a brother, and he is not around very much. What if, I would call you.... sister?<<. >>You would really name me sister?<<. >>Of course I would.. sister<<. >>Then okay. Yes. I would love to be called sister<<.

The two girls had always fun, from morning to the evening. >>I've never had so much fun in my entire life<< said Val, who was now sitting on her bed with her pajamas on, ready to go to bed. >>I've never had that much fun too<< said the spirit. Val yawns as she slowly gets in her comfy bed and with her fuzzy blankets on. >>Will we have fun in our dream too?<< said the sleepy yawn girl, that had her eyes closed. >>Why yes, we will<< said her spirit, >>I will meet you there<<. When Valentina started to slumber and was dreaming her dream, the spirit heads over to a shadowy path, where no dream would ever go there. >>I'm here, as you wanted<< said Val's spirit. There was someone in the shadows, but it was hard to see him through endless darkness. >>Good. How is it going?<< asked the voice in the shadows. The voice was very crawling, not too deep and not too high, if anyone else would hear it, the person would have goosebumps all over their skin. >>She is trusting me. More than we wanted, which is excellent'<<.' The spirit couldn't see if the person in the shadows was smiling, but as she heard a slight evil laugh, she knew that he is over happy about the information. >>Good, good. Keep it that way. We will have our revenge for what she did. Tomorrow... you will go with her to the darkness, where the Lord of the Underworld lives. But only outside, don't go on the boat. I will be there within a minute. And make it look amusing for her. Will you do that?<<. >>Of course. I can do that. She will be dead by the time she will recognize that she fell into a trap<<. 

The next day was a very sunny and hot day. After lunch, Val and her sister spirit went outside to play, when the spirit suggested something. >>Hey, do you want to race? We could race from here and to the edge of the river Styx. The winner will declare her prize<<. Valentina's face was shown sad and nervous when she heard the suggestion. >>I don't know.. It's very creepy there and I am afraid what would mother do, when she sees that I am gone<<. >>Ah, come on. We will back in 2 minutes. She will not cause any trouble till then. Please?<<. >>Hhhhmmm.....alright<< said Valentina with a smile, >>let's go then<<. >>On the count of three. One,.....two,...three!<< quickly said the spirit as both of the girls started to run towards the path to the Underworld. As the two ran off, a figure in the shadows was waiting for them near the river. The girls' laughs and footsteps could be heard in some moments and it was becoming louder and louder. Finally the girls came next to the river, and both were deeply breathing and put their hands on the knees. >>Who won?<< Val asks, still hard to breath. >>I think it was a tie<< said the spirit, that was facing her. Her eyes were turning and turning all around the space until she saw something. She stand up straight and looked over the edge. Oh no, the spirit thought to herself, no, no, no, not now. >>What is it sister? What are you looking at?<< asked Val as she came and had a look. They both saw right. It was a confusion. They saw a golden, but short man, battling a taller, but dark kind of man. They both had weapons, each different. When the golden man finally struck the dark one, it rolled on the ground and stop. They were now looking at each other, when the dark one resists and disappeared in thin air. >>Wow....<< Valentina said with amazed face. >>Who is that?<<.

The little golden man saw Valentina's face and smiles at her, as she did the same to him. >>Hello<< said the girl, with a bit frighten shaky voice. >>Can I ask who are you, sir?<<. The man flew down to her, ridding a cloud of his golden powers. It amazed Valentina very much. When the man stepped down, he closed his eyes for a second when above his head popped out a deserted place and a human next to it. >>Desert man?<< asked the child. The man shook his head and made the desert into sand. >>Sand man?<<. The man nods at the correct answer. >>So your name is Sand man? Never heard of you before. I saw you battling someone with your whips, but I don't see them anywhere near you now<<. The man moves his hands in front of him and make from his sand powers whips. He then showed it to Valentina. >>That is incredible. So you can make any weapons with those powers?<<. The man nods and backs away a bit, when he made an airplane and was flying in the sky, then a large long neck dinosaur and a beach ball with it. >>You can make anything from your powers?<< asked the shocked-amazed girl. The man in gold nods. >>That is awesome! It's something I've never seen in my entire life!<<, but as she thought of her powers, her smile slowly fades into a sad one, and saying: >>I wish that I would do that kind of stuff<<. The man's imagined stuff and animals disappeared as he flew straight at the sad girl. He looked at her with a smile and softly grabbed her left hand towards him. He then nods at her, as she concentrates and in her hand, pink color was spreading above it and circling first slowly, then with high speed that she made a little pink smooth heart. She then looks at the man, as he slowly moved his head up to her and smiled. Then again, above his head pops out a shape of him and Valentina and with them, swords attacking another sword. >>You want to.... sword fight me? No? Umm.... want to teach me how to sword fight?<<. Sandman nods. >>I would love to<< said the child and smiled, then the two went together on the open green place. But Val's trickery spirit wasn't with them, when they were talking and not even now, when they were having fun. She was in a dark place, where she could have an eye on the two. She started to despise them both.

Valentina came back to her home, when the sun was still shining but not too bright. She apologizes to her mother about her being late, but told her the story of a lifetime. At 10 pm, the girl went to her bed and slept, dreaming only good dreams. The next day, Val rushed from her house to the same spot where she met Sandman and started to have fun learning to control her powers. She learned two years how to handle her powers well, and she also grew much bigger, stronger and intelligent as well as her trust to her master and friend Sandman. >>So you are saying, that you are in a group of so-called Guardians, that give, nurture and protect children from harm?<< asked Valentina. Sandman nods as he was flying beside her on his golden cloud. >>Wow. I didn't believed there would be any other humans around. But are they friendly? Do they see you Guardians?<<. The Sandman told her what she wanted to know. >>They can't see you if they don't believe in you? That is a bummer<<. When the night has almost fallen and Valentina walking to her home, she was asking herself questions: >>How can't those children see? Believe? But if I was a Guardian.... how would they see me? And what would be my center as Sandman was talking about?<<. As she though about it all when she came home, she had a unexpected visit from someone.... her brother came home. >>Brother!<< said Valentina out loud as she ran towards him. >>Sister!<< her brother flew to her with his little wings and his body as he was 9 years old; and both hug each other firmly. The two with their mother talked with each other in the kitchen as memories, love and fun were flying across them. >>You should really come with me one day, sis, I would show you my new house some friends of mine made it<< said Cupid to her sister. >>Oh, I would love to see your house! Mom, can I please go with him? Mom, please??<< begged and begged Val, as her eyes were shown like puppy eyes to her mother. >>O-O-Okay dear, you can go with your brother to see his house<< said Aphrodite. >>Thanks mom!<< thanked Valentina gratefully. Morning arrived and Val was preparing herself to go see her brothers house that he was talking about. As they went on the road, Val told her brother what she haven't told her mother; about her powers that she got and that she mastered them, and also showed him some skills. Cupid was impressed and told her, that he doesn't have the powers as she has, but can do other things. >>You do what?<<. >>Yeah, I shot people on their behind with my magic arrows and making them falling in love<< said Cupid. Val didn't understand her brother correctly, so he told her some things. >>Wait... you are a Guardian like Sandman?<<. >>Yep, I am a Guardian representing Love. Because Love is my center<<. >>That is your center, Love. But... what is my center?<< Val asked. >>Oh don't be sad, sis, you will know it eventually<< said Cupid, to cheer her up and smiled with it.

They both spend the whole day with each other as he was showing her his house. >>You could move here if you want to. I would like some company<< said Cupid. >>I would love too, but.... mother... you know..<<. >>Yeah, I know. She is too much afraid for letting go of someone. But you only have to be and stay strong<<. After darkness would arrive, Val came home alone, while her brother stayed at his house. She thought about it now... about everything.... about what she wants to have, to be in her life ahead. Is she ready to be a Guardian? She went to her bed and closed her eyes softly, going to her dream land, but didn't expect one thing. She was dreaming that she was walking through the road alone with trees on every site. >>Hello, playmate<< said a strange but known voice on the right side. Val turns herself to the right and saw a figure standing in the dark. >>Oh come now, don't you remember me, Val? It is me<<. Then Val recognizes her. >>Sister?<< Val asked. >>That is right<< and she stepped out from the darkness, but it seemed that she hadn't came out from the dark. Her clothes were more different, more depressed, more dark looking. >>Wow, you changed. Why are you wearing dark clothes, sis?<< Valentina asked as her eyes were moving from bottom to top of her sister. >>Don't you know that black is the new blue, sister?<< said the spirit as she moved her hands towards Val, when dark power came from her hands and shot directly at her chest that Val fell down. >>Why did you done that?<< asked the fallen girl as one of her hands was on her chest, pressing onto the wound. >>Why? You're asking me why I've done that to you? But after I will answer to your question, tell me this: Why did you left me in the dark for whole two years? Why did you do that Val??<< said the spirit. Val was thinking of words, as her mouth was open for her words to come out. >>I-I'm sorry<< said Val. >>I'm very, very sorry for not being with you those years<<. >>Sorry. The only word that you can say and it is sorry. And do you think I will forgive you that?<< the spirit was looking deeply in Val's eyes and saw sadness, fear and emotions coming out. Like she would plan it would happen. >>Oh dear sister, please, forgive me if I-<< >>-if you had forgotten about me?<< the spirit ended her sentence. >>Well, I should have expect that, shouldn't I? And do you know how it feels like? Well, I will show you.<<

The dark spirit moves her hands around the imaginary place and turns it into darkness. Nothing in it, nothing seen or heard, just an empty space. >>What do you feel now, sister?<< asked the spirit. Valentina's eyes were moving from the place, looking at every edge and an endless dark corridor. >>I feel..... empty.. nothing...<< said the girl to her. The spirit nods slightly as she says: >>This is where I was put. Here is the place I was in for 2 years with no life, with no one to talk to, without a friend in need<<. Valentina look down, she was sad and angry about herself what she did to her sister, not thinking about her, forgetting. And she felt some warm tears coming from her eyes. Her spirit noticed it, only a bit more to break her spirit, she said to herself, and then she will crack. >>Can't I give anything to you, to make you feel better?<< asked Val with a shaky, rusty voice. >>Hmmm... maybe there is one thing. If you will stay here for 2 years, as I had to, I will feel much better<< said her spiritual sister. >>W-what? B-but my friends...<<. >>Your friends? Do you think they are truly your friends, dear sister?<< asked the spirit as she as walking slowly around her. >>I think they wouldn't miss you at all. Sandman will forget about you, your brother doesn't even care..<<. >>No, he cares! They both care for me<< said Val with more power in her voice. The spirit stops on the right side, looking at Val closely. >>They don't, believe me<<. >>No, they do care for me. If you just let me out and come with me to them, we could be together. We would work as Guardians and share the love and fun to children..<< said Valentina. >>You really think you would be a Guardian? No, you are not a Guardian. You don't know how to make children happy..<<. >>Well, I-<<. >>And you don't know what kind of center you have, that a Guardian should need and know..<<. >>I know, but-<<. >>And you can't fight or even work your magic<<. >>No, I can handle my powers very well now. I learned, I know how to manage them. I can fight if I must<<. >>Oh really?<< asked the spirit as she prepares her powers and shoots at Val's knees, shoulders, hands and chest. From every shot, Val was walking backwards, as finally she falls down on her back on the hard dark floor. >>As I said...<< as the spirit move her hands a bit up, when a black cube was made from the floor and trapped Val in it, >> can't fight or work your magic<<. The spirit slowly turns herself, leaving Val in the cube and made a few steps forward as she heard a tiny noise. She looks around herself, but nothing was there, so she looks back as the noise was getting louder as well as pink power starts to show from the cube's edges. >>No...<<. The cube in a mere of seconds explode from a blast inside and Val appears, standing up. >>I can manage my powers<< said now the prepared girl.

The two sisters stare at each other, their eyes target from one to another. Then the spirit crushed the silence with her laugh. >>I can see now that you really can control your powers. Very good. But you are still not getting out of here<<. Valentina's eyes slightly grim, as she wanted to know what the spirit is thinking. In that moment several tentacles, like octopus's arms, wrap her around her arms, hands, legs and ribs as they were pulling Valentina down. And she did fell down. The tentacles were too strong for her to stand up or to shake them off. Then Val heard a familiar voice approaching, she looked up as she could see a dark shadow coming towards her friend spirit. The shadow then shape into the man she has seen before. It was the one who she saw in her dreams, as well as the same one who started a battle with Sandman. >>Sister, look out!<< yelled Valentina. But the spirit was still and looks at the man fearless. >>Oh, did you meet my friend before? As far as I know, I think you did<<. Valentina was at first confused, as she then thinks what is happening, she was shocked. >>No.....<<. >>Oh yes, I found a new friend for me<<.

>>Is it just because of me?<< asked Val, that was still wrapped around with tentacles. >>Only because of you, sister<< said the spirit. The man that was only standing there made a move towards the prisoner and looks down. >>I finally got you<< said with a British voice. Valentina looks up at him, tears coming down from her eyes. >>You don't remember who I really am, but you know us<< said the man in dark. >>Us?<< ask Val. >>Nightmares<< he said, and Valentina shocks. >>You see... they wanted you because you had power, and with it, they would control the world. But as your 'Guardian angel' arrived, they look up on a different prey, and found me. They made me invincible, strong and powerful. I don't know why you didn't let them inside you, but you should have. It is very good<< said the man and went back, walking towards the darkness. Then the spirit came closer and looks at Val. >>I will tell you a secret, dear sister. I was not what you think I was. I was never your good spirit, I was as I am now. A part of a Fearling<< said to her with a quiet tune. Val was devastated as she gets the message from her dark spirit. >>Now we need to go. There is so much things to destroy in this life<< and as she said, she goes to the dark man and both of them disappear. Val was then the only one in the room. And the only one, who's heart was broken.

As the spirit was now free, she changed herself into Val's appearence, except her eyes were brown, but she didn't know that. She flew to the Palace, where Val's brother lived. When she enter, she could see Cupid in the main hall. >>Sis, you came back?<< ask Cupid. The spirit smiles, as she said to him: >>Well of course. You know that I want to hang out with you. You are my brother<<. Cupid smiles at her as he gets near to her for a hug. He then sees a bruise on her left hand. >>Did you cut yourself?<<. The spirit looked surprised as she quickly takes a look on the hand. Must be from the flying piece, she told herself. She then looks at the little man that was starring at her, starring at her eyes. >>Brown eyes. You've never had brown eyes before<<. The spirit was shocked a bit, but wasn't showing it at the guy. Cupid had his eyes wide open as he made a step back. >>You are not my sister<<. He wanted to turn, but something hit him in the back of his head that he fell on the ground. He didn't noticed the British man with a small bat in his hands. >>One down<< he said with his voice.

Valentina was still tangled with the tentacles in the dark realm she was in. She thought of it as if she was dreaming. Wait a minute, she said. I am dreaming. I am still asleep. I need to wake up. She started to struggle to get loose, but the tentacles were very tightly wrapping her. I need to get free! I need to save the ones I love the most. But how?, she was thinking. This is just a dream I am in, a bad dream. .... And the only thing to stop a bad dream, is with good dreams! She then closes her eyes, and breath slowly. One of the tentacles was slowly getting a bright gold color, as the color was spreading throughout the whole tentacle, the other tentacles were getting the same color. By the time, they all had the golden color, the realm start to change too. The tentacles released the prisoner, and Val could step out of it. She then saw that the dark realm she was in, changed into a positive color. And in a minute, she could woke up. Her look went to the window, and she could see that the sun was rising.

Val quickly went outside and flew towards her brother's place, to tell him the whole truth and to have some information. But as she could see the Palace, she stops. It was covered in darkness. Oh no, as she quickly went inside the place. >>Cupid?! Brother??!<< she shout as her head was turning fast from left to right. >>He's not here right now<< said a familiar voice behind her, as Val turns. She could see her dark spirit in front of the main doors. >>What have you done to my brother?!<< Val yelled. >>The same thing as I will do to you!<< said her evil sister and attacks her with a blast of her powers. Val rolls down and when she stood up, she blasts at her two power blasts. The spirit dodges one, as for the other blast it hit her right in her right arm. They both look at each other in the eyes and continue fighting. At a time, Valentina was winning, while in the end, her evil sister knocked her down. As Val was laying down, trying to get up, her evil double calls the dark man. When he appears beside her, he had Cupid in his grip, then the man threw him away, some meters from where was Val. Cupid, without any powers inside of him left, he mumbles quietly on the black floor. Valentina hears his slight mumbling and with that she went to her brother, kneeling in front of him and grabbed him in his arms. >>Brother... What did they done to you?<< Val said, with her quiet voice as tears went down to her cheek. >>Now for phase two<< said the evil sister, as the dark man disappears and reappears in front of Val, he made a spear out of pure darkness. Valentina felt something behind her and when she turns, she could saw the man with the spear in his hands, that was now over his right shoulder, wanting to make a last blow to her destruction. The only single thing Val could do in that time was holding her brother in her arms tight, and letting her love for her brother go into her heart and body. As the man swings his weapon at her, he did not expected it to crumble when it touched her back. His eyes, wide open by shock were seen very brightly when he saw what happen. >>How on darkness??<< he said. Val couldn't understand it to, but she could feel a much more powerful power flowing deep inside her, and with one hand, she blasts the man to the wall on the opposite side.

>>That should not happen<< said the evil sister as she rushes towards Valentina. >>You should be dead!<< and tries to defeat her as she creates a knife in her hand. As quickly as Val could react she blasts her twin at the dark man that was laying down. >>You are not my friend anymore. You should not be called my sister... but yet I have some feelings for you. You became dark..... you are a dark sister<< Valentina said to her twin as she was watching her, but then after being hit, her head moved left, onto the dark man's head. Then the girl turns around and faces her brother that was laying on the floor. She goes to him once more and looks at him. >>Oh, brother.... what have I done? It is all my fault that you are not with me anymore. I- I just want you to know how much I love you. You are the best brother I could ask for. I love you<<. Her tears were going down on her cheek as some drops were heading onto Cupid's chest. Then something amazing happen. With the power of love, Cupid's heart was soon regenerated and could normaly breath again. His eyes slowly open as he says: >>I love you too<<.

In the next days, Cupid and Val both started to repair the house, as Val with her powers banished the dark colors and make it normal again. And in those days, Sandman came to them, asking if they could both come to North Pole. They head at it, and stood in front of the five Guardians that were there: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost and Sandman. The five told her that the guy in a black robe and a British accent was no other then Pitch Black, the Nightmare King. >>You were very brave and powerful to defeat him, even all of us five can't handle him very well<< said Santa. >>I had a good teacher<< told Val and looks at Sandman with a smile. After a while of talking and telling stories of the Guardians, what should they do and how to become one, Val and Cupid start to get back on their road. >>I hope we can meet again<< said Val. >>We hope so to. And if the Man in Moon chooses you, you will be informed<< said Santa at the end. The two waved goodbye at them and head back to the Palace. >>I didn't knew you were a Guardian, brother<<. >>Yes, I didn't told our family about that yet. I wanted, but it wasn't the right time<<. >>I understand<<. He looks at her little sister saying: >>If you like, you can stay the night here. I will tell mom that you are going to sleep over<<. Valentina nods. As her brother left, she went to see the guest rooms that were here, and as she walked, she was thinking of what Santa said to her. The only way to become a Guardian is to help children.

So in the years that came, Valentina helped every child with her powers, making people be more loved. And in 2 years she got a call from the Guardians. Her center, as she had known by now, was Love, the exact same center as her brother. And in arm in arm they've went around the world, bringing Love to everyone.

And what was with Dark sister? Valentina wanted her twin to feel comfortable and loved as none other, and she locked her into her heart. But nobody expected that in some years, she will terrorize the world again.

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